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We’re looking for talented people to help shape the future of homebuilding.

Help change the way new homes are designed and built.

Our platform simplifies the homebuilding business by replacing wasteful, antiquated software and processes with easy, online tools for everything from design development to construction documents.

We’re a stealth-stage, VC-backed startup. Our team led design automation at Autodesk, launched leading 3D printing companies, shipped AAA games, and led product for top homebuilders.

Our core values


This is one of our longest-standing values, because it’s core to who we are. We’re nice. We hire nice people. We help each other. We encourage & respect each other. Kindness is essential to the way we run Higharc.

Focused Work is the Best Work

We picked some hard problems to work on, and we make the time and space to focus on them. Our approach to meetings, our tools, and our processes keep the focus on focus. Prioritizing focused work means greater flexibility and time for everything else in life.


An organization works best when it reflects a diversity of viewpoints and backgrounds. We’re an eclectic group - coming from all walks of life and backgrounds - and we’re better because of it. At Higharc, it’s not uncommon to swap stories or work on a project with someone whose worldview and life experience is entirely different from yours, and we celebrate this.

Best to Market

We’re working on some big challenges, so we spend a lot of time testing and iterating. We work quickly but deliberately with attention to craft. Taking pride in our work and conviction in our decisions, we don’t just check a box and move on. Our attention to every detail promises that we’re delivering the best possible solution on the market.

Critiques are critical

We approach all interactions with good intentions. We want to move quickly, and honest feedback is one of the best ways to find the best solutions. Together we scrutinize our work continuously and hold ourselves accountable to our goals and to achieving the results we committed to.

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