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Supercharge your DRAFTING with **GENERATIVE** DESIGN

Build, manage, and change your plans in a fraction of the time. Represent every possible option, elevation, and configuration in a single model.

1,000+ settings

Rules-based layout automation for every part of every home

100x faster

Use the industry's leading automatic drafting and layout tools

Real-time 3D model

Lightning fast visualization engine so you can see your designs in real-time


Every building block is an intelligent element, controlled by custom business rules for building standards, codes, materials, and product selections so you can model spaces 100x faster than traditional CAD line drawing.

Manage ##EVERY option## in one place

Intersecting options and adjacent conditions are easily represented in a single plan and drawing set.

Adapt plans to new lots ##in minutes##

Change elevations and foundations, and mirror home plans. Reduce cycle times and carry costs.

The freedom to ##make rapid change##

De-spec plans to meet price constraints, solve supply chain delays, and eliminate warranty issues.

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