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get takeoffs from your plans automatically

Purchasing agents and estimators use Procure to stay in sync with operations and sales. Take control of the bid process and keep data in sync across your business.

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Virtual site walks are automatic

Automatic BOMs

Get real-time option takeoff masters


Link resources for purchase orders

The only software for real-time estimating

With Higharc, purchasing data instantly reflects your design documentation and marketing collateral — eliminating silos, rework, and inaccuracy from manual estimating.

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eliminate risk with automatic virtual site walkthroughs

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With Higharc, we see where every stud goes, where every beam is, how many sheets of plywood you need on the wall... That level of granularity helps you take waste percentage down exponentially.

John Foshe

Purchasing manager

Buffington Homes

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You can dramatically simplify your business with Higharc, whether you build hundreds of homes or thousands.