How to deliver an **immersive** homebuyer experience

A step-by-step guide for homebuilders to elevate their sales and buyer experience.

Table of contents

Why Traditional Sales Techniques Fail

Out of Date Sales Materials

Digital Showrooms: Essential Tools for Modern Sales Strategies

Unlocking the Power of 3D Immersive Buyer Experiences

When it comes to the modern home buyer, traditional sales techniques, such as printed brochures and open houses, won’t cut it anymore. Other brands have set a new bar for the buying experience and homebuilders need technology to catch up and meet expectations. 3D visualization tools are here to stay and offer a highly immersive buyer experience, allowing customers to configure their dream homes right from the comfort of their couch. 

In this playbook, we compare the limitations of today’s selling techniques and share the practical strategies that sales managers, agents, and operations teams must adopt to compete effectively in today’s market.

An Immersive Customer Experience for Homebuilders

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Homebuilders have used traditional 3D configurations to represent homes through interactive floor plans, renderings, and walkthroughs. However, tools like BDX, Alpha Vision, and Matterport are point solutions that don’t connect to your existing workflows. Higharc’s showroom integrates sales with your operations, design, construction, and purchasing teams, ensuring sales materials are always up-to-date.

The Higharc Homebuilding Cloud is the industry’s solution to agility — bringing new products to market in record time and unlocking margin, while connecting data between departments

How to Speed Up Sales and Increase Home Margins with Higharc

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