How to Bring Homes to Market **Faster**

A practical playbook for homebuilders with actionable strategies for improving operations and profitability.

Table of contents

Time to Market: More Critical Than Ever

Challenges for new and existing communities

Six Deficiencies that Slow Down Time to Market

The Danger of Hidden Costs

The urgency of time to market has never been more critical for regional home builders. Launching new communities or modifying existing plans in an agile manner is a crucial factor in the race to stay competitive in today’s market. How do you counter larger builders with the buying power to offer a broader range of options at a lower price?

In this playbook, we share the most common business deficiencies and challenges that impact your speed in building new homes and communities, along with seven actionable strategies to address the go-to-market issues homebuilders face daily. 

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The Higharc Homebuilding Cloud is the industry’s solution to agility — bringing new products to market in record time and unlocking margin, while connecting data between departments

Higharc's generative design tool made exclusively for residential homebuilding to draft and visualize smart plans in real-time. Design up to 100x faster than CAD, without endless hours of repetitive drawing with lightning-fast layout automation. Manage millions of variations, intersecting options, and lot-specific details all with one intelligent model. 

Higharc's central data is a customizable central set of building standards (materials, codes, layouts, palettes, options, elevations, etc.) that powers all new product development and go-to-market activities. Home plans can be quickly updated across lots, communities, and regions to react to materials availability, new opportunities, changing market trends, and more.

How Higharc helps homebuilders bring homes to market faster

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