May 2024

Why centralized data is the next chapter in homebuilding tech

Discover how Higharc’s homebuilding software centralizes data for efficiency and profitability.

Conor Sedam
Conor Sedam
Customer Marketing Manager | Novi, MI
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The way homebuilders traditionally handle data is broken, and it’s a major problem that’s slowing down operations, decreasing profit, and impacting the customer experience. 

Houses are made up of common parts shared across different plans, but master plans are managed individually. The result is siloed, disconnected data that requires hours of complex, manual work just to make one change. 

In a 2024 survey conducted by Higharc, 72% of builders said managing change across plans, designs, and communities is frustrating and costly.

Higharc's technology brings all of a builder’s plan-specific data into a central database, so all of the crucial information—materials, layouts, palettes, options, elevations, and more —is housed in a single location. This allows changes to entire plan libraries with just a few clicks — no more scrambling to find the correct info in multiple systems or locations or updating on a per-model basis.

The Power of Centralized Data

How exactly does it work? Higharc creates a centralized set of building rules and standards, which act as a single source of truth for builders — it’s the DNA of the products they build. 

The nature of the industry means builders are constantly adapting to changing market and municipality conditions like: 

  • Roof slope change for an architectural review board 
  • Masonry requirements 
  • Wall section detail to accommodate a different type of sheathing 
  • Option packages targeting specific demographics

When this data is in one location, builders can effortlessly adapt specs for different lots, communities and regions to react to material restraints, competition, building code requirements, changing market trends, and more. 

A simple click replaces an entire manual process, eliminating potential errors and ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. Higharc’s centralized data model allowed Buffington Homes of Arkansas to cut soft cycle time from 3 months to 3 weeks, resulting in an additional $10M in revenue. 

“Higharc has allowed us to increase the number of choices, flex spaces, and details in the elevations that we offer,” Ted Brock, President of Buffington Homes, said. 

Improve Your Homebuilding Operations with Higharc

Higharc’s centralized data model removes the headache of managing millions of pieces and parts across multiple platforms, streamlining the building process and enabling a new level of control over operations.

A centralized data model can make swapping window styles and adjusting plans to meet buyers' needs much more efficient by eliminating time-consuming tasks. With a single source of truth, specifications can be quickly adapted for different lots or regions and respond to changes in material availability, providing an agility advantage over the competition. 

Embrace Change

Change ALWAYS happens. Be in control of how it happens for your business.

If you’re ready to transform your homebuilding operations and run a more agile, efficient business, schedule a demo with Higharc. 

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