June 2024

Higharc Helps Day: Fostering Community and Togetherness in a Remote Environment

Eric Berg
Eric Berg
VP of People Operations | Durham, NC

At Higharc, we talk about our “one size doesn’t fit all” approach to company culture - which stems from the reality that “culture” means different things to different people. 

We know that people experience culture in wildly different ways. Creating broadly relevant cultural initiatives is a big challenge — especially when our team is spread across 21 US states and 7 countries. But we knew we wanted to bring people together to do something meaningful. 

That’s why today, our team members are closing their laptops and getting into their communities to give back on our 2nd annual Higharc Helps Day. Every year, we close for business on the second Friday of June, dedicating this day to volunteer work and community involvement. 

Higharc Helps Day in Action

Organizing a successful Higharc Helps Day involves lots of planning and coordination. We start by facilitating volunteering opportunities in areas where we have concentrations of employees, and by creating and suggesting more universal options for everyone else. Planned activities are logged in a company-wide tracker, and it’s amazing to see the wide range of opportunities people identify to give back to their local communities. 

A few examples of volunteering opportunities this year include: 

  • Building a home with Habitat for Humanity 
  • Cleaning up debris and trash along local trails and roadways
  • Packing and distributing weekly groceries for local disadvantaged families and individuals
  • Working with shelter pets and animal rescue groups 

During the day, the team shares a continuous stream of pictures, videos, and stories showcasing people making a positive impact in their communities worldwide. These are posted in our slack #general channel, giving a real-time sense of camaraderie and unity, and reinforcing our collective commitment to giving back.

Living Out Our Values in a Remote World

Our Higharc values include community, which is rooted in the belief that our organization works best when it reflects a diversity of viewpoints and life experiences.

At Higharc, we're fortunate to have a diverse team with a wide range of backgrounds — a true testament to the power of a remote workforce. With the world as our talent pool, we've assembled a team that's both culturally and geographically diverse. 

By empowering our team members to be champions and curators of their passions, we've created an environment that supports and celebrates the diversity of thoughts and ideas. From music to wellness, architecture to food, and technology to AI, leveraging our team's diverse expertise and interests allows us to create cultural programs and messages that are genuine and build authentic connections.

When you’re solving big problems like the future of housing, having the most passionate, talented, engaged people is essential. 

Join Us in Making a Difference

Sometimes, the concept of “making a difference” can feel hard to grasp. As a company, prioritizing that as a goal and empowering people to participate can have ripple effects across communities, states, and the world.

At Higharc, we’re proud of the difference we’re making through initiatives like Higharc Helps Day. It’s a testament to our commitment to doing the right thing and fostering a sense of community among our remote team.

If this sounds like the type of team you’d like to join, I invite you to explore our open jobs.

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