July 2024

Webinar Recap: Interactive 3D Showroom Tour

Discover how Higharc's Showroom is revolutionizing the home sales process with advanced 3D visualization, streamlined lot management, and personalized sales brochures.

Conor Sedam
Conor Sedam
Customer Marketing Manager | Novi, MI

In today's fast-paced world, customers crave instant gratification—especially when it comes to purchasing a new home. The days of imagining floor plans and visualizing spaces from static floorplans and generic brochures are over.

Recently, we hosted a webinar showcasing how Higharc Showroom is transforming the home sales process for both builders and buyers. Emily Feagles, Sales Manager at Tim O'Brien Homes and Conor Sedam from Higharc, discussed some of the key features of Showroom and how you can elevate your sales experience.

Key Learnings

Buyers expect 3D visualizations of their future home and selections.

Higharc Showroom allows customers to visualize structural changes and options in real time, allowing for a personalized sales experience that has not been possible until now. Dollhouse, floor plans and 3D exteriors give customers a complete, realistic understanding of what their home will look like.

Streamlining the lot management process provides a clearer picture for the buyer and builder and ensures that what gets bought gets built— every time.

The Higharc platform streamlines lot management by allowing builders to assign specific home plans on designated lots. This ensures customers see only homes that fit on their chosen lot, reducing the risk of miscommunication and providing a smoother sales process.  

Fast and accurate lot-specific renderings can get buyers to a decision faster by providing a true-to-purchase visualization experience.

One of Showroom's standout features is its ability to convert a customer-generated home into a photoreal rendering in days instead of weeks. Customers can receive a stunning visual representation of their home within three days, allowing for quicker decision-making and increased customer satisfaction.

With personalized marketing materials tailored to each buyer's specific home, sales teams can provide the modern experience buyers expect.

Showroom automatically creates customized sales brochures that reflect the exact home configuration chosen by the customer. This personalized approach helps customers visualize the true impact of their selected options, enhancing their understanding and satisfaction.

A connected platform ensures that information across teams is accurate and up-to-date.

Higharc ensures that customer selections are seamlessly transferred to the construction phase, reducing the chance of errors and miscommunication. When the entire team is working off the same set of information, every step of the process is more efficient and reliable.

Supercharge your sales experience with Higharc

Higharc's advanced 3D visualization tools, efficient lot management, and streamlined communication processes are redefining customer engagement and satisfaction while giving builders and sales teams the tools they need to meet the evolving needs of today’s homebuyers.

Are you ready to transform how you sell homes? Connect with our team to discover the power of 3D visualization tools.

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