March 2024

Webinar Recap: Real-Time Implementation of a Home in Higharc

Can we design your plans in 60 minutes with Higharc? Michael Bergin, VP of Product and Co-Founder, uses the power of generative design in Higharc to show how you can go from a blank canvas to a 3D model in record time.

Set room types in Higharc Studio to auto layout the room; automatically adjusts walls and elements to match surroundings
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What can you create in 60 minutes with Higharc?

We asked production homebuilders who signed up for our webinar to submit their actual home plans to our team. In this walkthrough, we demonstrate in real-time how to recreate home plans fast in Higharc's platform. Watch the full-length webinar here to learn and experience:

  • The power of generative design
  • How new options are added to a plan
  • How spec assets are generated in Higharc, including CD sets, takeoffs, and personalized sales brochures

Don’t have time to watch the full-length webinar? Check out some highlights below to see how Higharc can help you draft your home plans in a fraction of the time.

If you're interested in learning more, reach out and request a demo and discover how Higharc can empower your team to conquer change, increase margins, and decrease cycle times.

Create a Floor Plan in Higharc

Drawing an Edge-Hosted Room

Applying Functions and Rules to Rooms in Higharc

Deploying Room Layouts with Higharc's Central Data Model

Automatically Generated Dimensions in Higharc

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