November 2023

Introducing Procure - Say hello to automated estimating

Introducing Procure [BETA] - a better way to estimate and streamline homebuilders’ procurement process with smart automation and connected data. Now available in Beta.

Michael Bergin
Michael Bergin
Co-Founder & VP, Product | San Francisco Bay Area
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As part of the Higharc platform, Procure is a groundbreaking way for estimators and purchasers to take control of the bid process, visualize construction costs, and keep data in sync across the business. The tool connects the rich design, marketing, and sales data that’s already in Higharc to the estimating teams so builders can automatically estimate components of every home they sell.

With Procure, purchasing and estimating are seamlessly integrated into the design and drafting process, ensuring everything stays connected and consistent.

The Magic of Procure

Procure is an intelligent tool that measures both master and site-specific plans to generate takeoffs and bills of materials automatically. The result? A radically simplified estimation process, resulting in lower construction costs and synchronized data between procurement and design. 

Procure’s features include: 

  1. Master Takeoffs: Unlike CAD and BIM workflows that require manual estimation and repeated data entry, Procure automates takeoffs at the master plan level for every option so builders can control costs and bring new plans and communities to market faster.

  2. Site-Specific Takeoffs and Bills of Materials: Procure automates takeoffs for any plan, including any combination of intersecting options and accounting for any locked options. Then, with waste factors that Estimators set, Procure automatically calculates bills of materials. That means builders always know what to buy with up-to-date measures and materials for every site-specific home.

  3. Estimation in Context: Procure pairs material specification lists with 2D and 3D visualizations to give estimators and procurement agents a way to see in real-time how every line item looks, avoiding misunderstandings and confirming design choices.

  4. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Mapping: Procure lets Estimators map resource codes to building model objects per master plan so that purchasing data for every site-specific home can be generated and coordinated with an ERP system in real-time. Your purchasing data stays in sync with the product design, allowing you to update product specs across homes and communities instantly.

How It Works

Procure is a feature in Higharc’s platform where estimators and purchasers can access takeoffs and bills of materials for any set of structural options for any home plan. Estimators and Purchasers use Procure to map resource codes from their ERP to building elements so that any combination of structural options in a configured home can be automatically measured, quantified, and priced in real time.

Procure is now available for doors, windows, electrical, fixtures and appliances. Additional building material categories are in beta, including foundations, framing, flooring, roofs, walls, and ceilings.

The Future of Cost Estimating and Material Purchasing

It's time to say goodbye to manual estimation. Streamline your bid process, optimize construction costs, and tap into seamless data synchronization with Procure.

Discover Procure now and take the first step towards a more connected and automated building process for you and your team. Schedule a demo and learn how you can harness the power of Higharc's Intelligent Homebuilding Cloud today.

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