Mastering Land Acquisition: Expert strategies & insights from Al Trellis

Renowned industry expert, author, and speaker Al Trellis and Matt Moritz, President of Eddy Homes, will share proven strategies for securing prime land, when to be a developer-builder, using technology in the process, and how to compete effectively.

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 Join us live on July 23rd at 11AM ET for an exclusive presentation and discussion with industry leaders Al Trellis and Matt Moritz to explore:

Key topics we'll cover:

Innovative strategies for identifying and acquiring valuable land parcels
Key insights on navigating regulatory challenges and zoning laws
Proven methods for negotiating and closing land deals effectively
Case studies and lessons learned from successful land acquisition projects

Our expert panel includes:

Al Trellis, President at Homebuilders Network
Al Trellis
President, Home Builders Network

Al Trellis has 50 years of experience as a custom home builder, consultant, speaker and writer for the home building industry. He is a co-founder of Home Builders Network, (HBN) which provides management consulting, marketing, residential design and land planning for home builders throughout the United States and Canada. Collectively, their clients build 3000 homes annually, for a sales volume of $1.2 billion. Eight of their clients have received either the prestigious America’s Best Builder or Custom Builder of the Year award from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Matt Moritz
President, Eddy Homes

As the President of Eddy Homes, Matt Moritz demonstrates strategic innovation within the home
building industry. By proficiently implementing operational processes he has driven substantial sales and real estate growth for over a decade. Beyond fiscal achievements, Matt's strategic vision extends to securing substantial land positions, forming the cornerstone of a secure and dynamic long-term growth plan for Eddy Homes. His multidimensional approach, spanning technology, finance, and law, establishes the solid foundation upon which his success and the continued prosperity of Eddy Homes are built.

Matt shares his vast knowledge and expertise by educating others in his field and was selected to speak among a panel of experts at the 2022 Builder's Show. Additionally, he was honored as a Forty under 40—Honoring Home Building's Young Leaders; recipient by Professional Builder.

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