Your home plans - Made with generative design

A live plan implementation with Higharc Co-Founder Michael Bergin.

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Can we design your plans in 60 minutes with Higharc?

Michael Bergin, VP of Product and Co-Founder of Higharc, will demonstrate how you can go from a blank canvas to a functioning Live Plan and 3D model in record time. He will walk attendees through developing a plan in Higharc in one hour vs. weeks of traditional drafting.

This is an interactive session.
Builders are encouraged to submit their single-family home plans before this webinar to be considered for a live implementation free of charge.

What can you expect from this live demonstration?

Get a brief overview of Higharc and generative design
Watch real builder-submitted plans created in Higharc
Contribute additional options to add to the plan
See the lot spec assets Higharc automatically generates, including CD sets, takeoffs, and personalized sales brochures

Meet the speakers & host

Michael Bergin, Higharc
Michael Bergin
VP of Product, Co-Founder, Higharc

Michael’s career has been dedicated to improving the built environment through design automation. He previously led the research team focused on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries at Autodesk, developing methods to accelerate building design through deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Jason Locher, Higharc
Jason Locher
Senior Implementation Manager, Higharc

Jason has been in the residential and commercial design space for over 25 years. His has extensive experience in both engineering and architecture for single family homes. His passion is process automation and open information in the building process.