Former Revit CEO Talks Homebuilding Software Innovation

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Manage change at scale. Reduce cycle time. Eliminate errors. Stop repetitive work. Sounds great, right?

Every homebuilder strives to address these challenges, but legacy design tools operate in siloes, making it difficult to integrate with other departments like operations, procurement, and sales.

New technology solutions like Higharc are challenging this approach by connecting your design tools to the rest of the organization.

Former Revit CEO, Dave Lemont, shares:

The problem with design and operations in homebuilding
New technology approaches to design, sell, and build new homes
How to leverage data across multiple plans

Meet the speaker & host

Dave Lemont, Lemont Consulting
Dave Lemont
President of Lemont Consulting

Dave is also the former CEO of Revit Technology, where he led the company through its successful 2002 acquisition by Autodesk. He is currently the owner of Lemont Consulting and specializes in GTM strategy for early-stage companies. He also serves as the executive chairman for Acelab.